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Realize you arent perfect. (goals and staying on track)

November 21st, 2011 at 08:28 pm

I'm not posting a picture like I usually do.. Because.. well quite frankly.. Im feeling lazy. Stick Out Tongue

Anyway, today we are talking about goals. I have set 3 goals aside for this week. 1 spend more time with my daughter. 2. Leave my debit card at home, and 3. Keep up with all my money making sites.

Now lets explain
1. I spend lots of time with my daughter, but its normally trips to the store to snag a deal, or making a craft together that serves a purpose. I sometimes forget to enjoy the little things in life, like just watching a spongebob movie with her. (Which is what I did today) So my goal is to relax, and just spend some non-saving money time with her.

2. I work at a grocery store. I don't pack any food because I never work 8 hours. But once your staring at all the food in a store, you get hungry real fast. I always wind up buying a donut, yogurt, or something cheap to snack on. Now I know a donut doesn't cost much, but those pennies add up. So from now on the goal is to bring a snack to work and to leave the debit card at home. This way, even if i do get tempted, i cant buy anything anyway.

3. I have been neglecting the sites I have been using to make money on. I go on a few regularly, but I haven't been getting on all of them. Remember those raindrops into rivers from my earlier post? I'm losing that extra income which defiantly comes in handy later.

Keep this in mind when setting your own goals.

1. Don't take too much on at once.
Set up 3 easy goals and maybe 1 hard goal for you to achieve. Don't overwhelm yourself or you will just wind up frustrated and wont be able to do any of them

2. Do get ready to fail. (its okay)
We are not perfect. That is why we are human. So if I take my debit card to work and buy a donut, or if I dont get to go on my sites that day, you know what, its okay. The purpose of a goal is to TRY. Don't beat yourself up over it and try again tomorrow. You are human after all.

3. Be realistic
Setting up a goal to lose 100lbs in 2 months, isn't exactly realistic. But if you want to lose weight try losing 5lbs a month. You will still feel great that your on the right track, and that you can actually achieve your goal.

Have any goals, or tips on staying on track? Love to hear them below.

3 Responses to “Realize you arent perfect. (goals and staying on track)”

  1. Amber Says:

    Great post, I too was often buying snacks, so I pack breakfast, lunch and a snack as well as drinks. You should see my lunchbox, but I have saved a ton of money. I also have stuck with just one goal, first to sock away $1000 to the EF and next to pay off CC1.
    I also love the fact that you are taking the time to spend quality time with your daughter, I think some times as adults we get caught up in all the other things and forget how the small stuff can make a difference, hats off to you Smile

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Good Job.

    I think it's so important to allow plenty of room for failure and error, and to be realistic, when planning goals!

  3. wickedlove1707 Says:

    Thank you Moneky Mama and Amber. I loved your comments

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