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We live in a buying world.

January 21st, 2012 at 06:43 am

Hello everyone. Sorry it has been ages since I posted. I have been crazy busy. I just wanted to share some insight in a book I have been reading and get your adivce on how to stop this.

I have been reading "Shoptism: Why the consumer will keep on buying no matter what." It is a great read, and goes into a lot of details about how the "sell side" keeps trying to trick us using psychology to get us to keep on buying things, even though we don't need them.

The main thing though is ease of everything. We no longer make things for ourselves instead we rather buy it all out of convenience. While the convenience is great, it leads to a lot of Americans no longer knowing how to do simple tasks such as knowing how to fix a rip in your shirt, or even how to cook raw hamburger. There is too much convenience in America, and its to the point of if we ever were stranding on an island, even if it was full of friendly animals, (bunnies, birds, and trout) warm weather, plenty of fresh food ect, we would still all die. Because we don't know how to do anything for ourselves.

So today, I would like if everyone could post a comment about a simple diy idea that makes you more self sufficient.